enjoy yourself

by The Cabin Fever

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The Cabin Fever is:
Sean Moriarty - drums guitars vocals keys
Joel Bedolla - guitars & more guitars
Alvaro Vela - bass guitar & opinions


released 08 August 2015

Engineers: Sean Moriarty & Bill Mims & Jason Mott
Mixing and Mastering: S. Husky Höskulds
All songs written by Sean Moriarty ©
Except "Simple eyes" written by Sean Moriarty & Andy Yamazaki ©
Publishing: Allergies and Salaries (BMI)



all rights reserved


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The Cabin Fever Los Angeles, California

Music from out of tune heartstrings

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Track Name: That guy stole my life
in a big house surrounded by trees
beautiful wife she's free of disease
and the children they look just like me
but that's not me that guy stole my life

and Jesus stole my money
it's somewhere in baskets
it's not helping me

I'm part of a family
a tree thats been around
my branch is sinking I think I'm ready to be cut down
you wouldn't notice the tree would get more strength
I'm dissolving nutrients the roots would put me back in place

and Jesus he's not helping me
he's too busy helping you
would he help you if he knew you stole my life?
(I won't tell him but I know you stole my life)

in a big house that's being seized
beautiful wife she's leaving me
and the children they look diseased
but that's not me that guy stole my life
Track Name: Agoraphobic
I find it's easier to be myself by myself without needs
I've realized no one every really cares or maybe that's just me
I hope I wake up and everyone has disappeared
for my future and for their pasts

for ignoring me like they did before
for that part of me that nobody ever saw

take my picture so you can remind me
of who I appear to be to everyone else
pictures lie yeah pictures they'll deceive me
that's not me I'm not that ugly

she's ignoring me like I did before
for that part of her that nobody ever saw
Track Name: Cartoon characters
of all of the cartoon characters
Heathcliff was my favorite
just two weeks and she's out on her knees
praying not to be alone

of all of the things I never said
"I love you" wasn't one of them
just two years and I'm still not getting out
maybe I will someday

everything that ends it won't begin again
what if forever says that everything will end
everyone pretends that death is not the end
but what if when it ends it won't begin again?
Track Name: Somewhere out there
somewhere out there
there are people that know me
and they just don't know it
because they all forgot me

and somewhere out there
she cheats on me
she just don't know it
she don't know that she's with me

somewhere out there
there are people that hate me
and they just don't know it
because they never met me
Track Name: Paranoia
I love all of my friends and I hate every one of them
and this is killing me again

I've never seen the ghost but I know just where they roam
I've heard them talk until they're known

a simple lie to tell becomes a million lies I tell
and this is killing me again

I take all these different ways home but I know I'm still not alone
I get radio transmissions from the ghost

It's paranoia, I'm not paranoid
It's paranoia, I'm not paranoid
in all the unmarked cars just parked outside
I take the white light out and just slide on by
Track Name: Simple eyes
before long I'll be gone to a place where I belong
I'm gonna bury it here before it's too cold
I'm gonna swim upstream
I will leave it all

trapped under this lake
remember things simple eyes have told
breathe in water breathe out snow
become fish
become an icicle

before long I'll know I was wrong in a place where I didn't belong
I should have buried it there but now it's too cold
I could have swam upstream
I would have left it all
Track Name: The curse on us
and in her son I found my closest friend but I didn't let it show
until he let all these things that can change and don't always last lead to permanence

burn down every bridge that I tow this load over
and I won't let it go until I've been punished enough in my soul
(lash out against everyone and myself
it's never enough and it feels so good to feel so much of the curse on us)

and in all the time that has passed I've learned to pretend so well I forgot
to never let these noises get to loud or let them silence me

sooner or later the curse that he gave us will burn up our bodies and turn them to ashes
and down through the sewer and out to the ocean where we will be lost and forgotten forever
Track Name: Is heaven las vegas?
and when I'm sleeping I'm just dreaming of heaven. Is heaven las vegas or is it someplace I can't find? Cause when I wake up I can't make up my fucking mind. Is heaven las vegas or is it someplace I'll never find?
Track Name: The brown bunny
she floats away just like a feather
and I sink right to the bottom
and the life raft passed right over me
and I now feed off of the bottom

and I feel just like the Son of Sam
like I'm killing lovers where they stand
I stole something and I'll never give it back
(I lost something and I'll never get her back)

she floats away just like the Brown Bunny
so I'm gonna drive across this whole country
the land it spreads out vast and empty now
her love and everything's behind me

and it's been so long that I can't remember what happened to her. did she die? I don't want to remember that. and I lay here and she lays right next to me. but that's not her that's my hand she says, "enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself to me"